Who We Are

We are an innovative firm based in Nicosia, Cyprus offering unique products and services in the area of learning and development.

We are highly motivated, competent, team-centered people and  love what we do. We do it well, and thrive on the challenges and the opportunities we encounter every day.  We are not alone. We have  all the support and resources of one of the best companies in USA. The Ryan Group Inc, based in Dallas, Texas.  We are very proud for this association. As a result, we have valued resources of editors, publishers, psychologists, trainers, and developers.

Our education and backgrounds bring a wide range of industry and organizational knowledge which provides exceptional value to our clients.

What We Do

We offer high-impact, high-value situational learning products and services in the form of web accessible resources. They are education-based and competency-based resources that are easy to use, relevant to today’s fast-paced and complex business environment, and authored by thought leaders in their fields.

Our resources are designed and developed for adult learners and the learning strategies that work best with adults. Adult learners expect, and deserve, a learning experience that can directly and immediately be applied on the job.

Why we are different

We provide comprehensive, effective, and engaging instructional resources. Your people can  have unlimited access to the materials. You and your employees can access what you want… when you want it. Our instructional strategies focus on learning-in-context, providing an engaging user experience, and producing measurable performance outcomes.