Digital Book Features

You navigate the book by clicking anywhere on the right page to turn to the next page. Click anywhere on the left page to turn to a previous page as you would if reading a traditional paper manuscript.

Some of the unique features include:

  • Search the contents for key words or phrases
  • Post a note on any page for reference or reminder
  • Complete check lists and forms
  • Provide feedback and opinions
  • Input narrative data
  • Click on dropdown features
  • Format quizzes as: dropdown lists, select one, check a box, select a radio box response
  • Complete knowledge reviews in yes/no, multiple choice, and many others

By right clicking anywhere in the book’s frame you can

  • Select the Turn Mode you wish to view the book
  • Control the Fly Speed of page turning
  • Print a copy of the book in various formats
  • Email information to other users
  • Save the file to your desktop using File Save
  • Turn background on and off