Getting it Write

Your personal and organizational success depends on how you communicate–both orally and in writing. Writing for Easy Reading follows the stern taskmaster’s credo: it’s not enough to write to be understood; you must write so that you can’t possibly be misunderstood. Faulty communication frequently results in lost time and production.

The book addresses communicating with people of different styles and cultures; interpreting nonverbal communication; message composition using active voice; and a chance to test your knowledge that will help you identify strategies to increase the effectiveness of your email writing. Chapter titles are

Writing First
Know Your Audience
Emotional Integrity
Composing Your Message

Whether you are a new or experienced supervisor (the word “supervisor” applies to anyone who manages people and is responsible for evaluating their performance), you’re likely to experience a mixture of fear and dread when it’s time to write performance appraisals.

This book will help you to understand why we deliver performance appraisals, and will help you to write performance appraisals that drive an inclusive conversation with your employees.