What We Offer

In a sense we make your dreams come true.

We offer you the entire infrastructure you need in order to have your own branded Learning and Development Centre. At a cost you will never believe and within a couple of days only !  A Center full of quality, ready to use resources for your staff. More than 130 unique resources in a variety of topics easy to use on a 24/7 basis from any place on the earth. Yes, because this is a web based system, your people can access it using an ordinary browser. Without messing with security systems and fire walls of your organisation. Without any risk at all.

The number of our unique resources constantly increases as new topics are added very often. But you just enjoy the benefits. There is no additional charge for the resources added when you become a client.

But this is not all. We give you possibility of adding your own resources in any digital format ( videos, webinars, pdf and word files, power point presentations, audios etc). We help you with the categories you need and the setting up of your Centre too. You decide on the viewing, sending and printing rights of your viewers. All these, without any additional charge.

There are three ways for you to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

  1. This is the easiest and least costly option. You just become a subscriber. The option allows you to enjoy all the benefits above by paying a small monthly subscription fee based on your number of staff.

In this option, we are the Administrators of the Centre and do all the uploading etc for you.

  1. This option offers you the use of the hosted system with full administrative features to add resources, categories, programs, users etc.
  2. This is the option of purchasing the software and having it reside on your own server.